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             Lucy Shook’s Letters from Afghanistan

In 1965, Lucy Shook went to Afghanistan with her husband, Jim, when he was posted to Lashkar Gah, a town about five hours on a bad road southwest of Kabul.  There she became manager of the Staff House, a small hotel that catered to the American community and visiting diplomats.  In a world where women are treated as chattel and hidden from view, Lucy, an American woman, was boss-lady to fifteen Afghan men.

Lucy wrote copious letters home, detailing the sights, sounds, and smells of Afghanistan and describing her experiences with the Afghan people.  Sometimes poignant, oftimes hilarious, the letters reveal the love she has for her ‘boys’ and for their country.

Lucy Shook's Letters from Afghanistan can be ordered through SWAN (Serving Women Across Nations).  Proceeds fund humanitarian projects that aid women and children in developing countries.


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